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Format Research Paper Guide Writing style of American Psychological Association which is commonly known as APA is popular among students as well as scientists. Rules of APA style are accepted as the gold standard by almost every academic disciple. If you plan to continue your research after graduation, it is essential to know the rules of APA style. You should pay attention that every paper you are working on can be an example of APA format writing. Only in this case you will be sure that your research work is done well.

Example of APA Format

There exist different manuals and guides that provide a uniform way of presenting research information. These manuals assist the research author in preparing the paper in a manner that will be clearly understood by most readers. A good example of APA format common usage is citation. The readers should be assured that they can obtain a copy of a cited work themselves, in case of having an interest in it. If any of the parts of the citation is missing, it can be almost impossible to track down the reference. What should you pay attention to?

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Every APA essay format tutorial includes thousands of rules and guidelines. However, not all of them are crucial for writing a successful APA format paper. There are only several major areas every writer should pay attention to:

  • Page margins
  • Spacing
  • Font style and size
  • Indentation
  • Running titles
  • Quotation and citation of sources
  • References
  • Plagiarism

In addition, all manuals are wonderful sources of general information about how to write a good work. They usually include key information about the content and organization of the academic paper. You can find a tip how to express your ideas appropriately in the written academic discourse. They also contain clearly written directions how to include statistics, tables and graphs into the manuscript correctly.

APA Writing Style

Formatting: All the papers should have throughout double-spacing, including reference section. All margins should be one inch. There shouldn’t be any extra lines between paragraphs or sections. Use 12 pt font and style of a serif type with curly-cues and hooks, for example, Times New Romans or Courier. All paragraphs should have an indent of half an inch, and not five spaces.


Headings: Headings are of a great importance when you write a research paper. It is necessary to decide how many headings you are about to use. Many college research papers have at least 2 levels. The first level has the headings of the major categories. For example, they include the introduction, the main essay body, conclusion and discussion. The body of the paper usually contains several sub-categories, which form the second level of headings. If at least one of these categories is broken into a smaller group, you will need additional headings level. It is obligatory for the headings of the first level to be centered and letters written using upper and lower case. Headings of the next level should be flush to the left side, italicized, and followed by a period. You write the first sentence after a period without using a paragraph return. Pay attention that the heading shouldn’t be indented in any case.

Quotations and Citations

Quotations and citations: It is important to know how to quote and cite correctly. The main rule is the reader needs to know for sure what sources were used. If this information is missing, you may have to deal with a plagiarism issue. Don’t avoid indicating who said what, where and when. If you include information from the outside source, you should either paraphrase the original author’s words or use a direct quote. In case of a direct quote use, you should write the sentence or phrase exactly as it was written in the original text. To avoid plagiarism, it is necessary to change not only the content but the form of the presented information too. Shuffling the words around, substitute synonyms within the same structure of the sentence or changing passive voice to the active one wouldn’t be enough. If you have difficulties with paraphrasing, including direct quotes is the best solution for you. Indicate the source page number, author’s last name and publication year, and your direct quote is ready. Keep in mind to include the full reference section at the very end of the research paper.

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